Panimus Integration

Compassionate Inquiry (CI)

Compassionate Inquiry is an elegant somatic based system that supports understanding, growth and healing, providing insight through direct experience.  CI helps us connect the dots of our experiences from our past to our present, providing the opportunity to experience ourselves in a new, more compassionate way that can improve our lives.  

As a Certified CI Practitioner, I support others in their healing journey through life, providing a safe space to explore the triggers, traumas, and issues that get in the way of connection, expression, and living life in-joy, with non-judgemental presence and acceptance. I am sensitive, compassionate, and thoughtful, as I know the trauma territory firsthand from my own challenging journey.

I am privileged to be your guide on this sometimes challenging but rewarding journey of healing. I recognize your essence underneath the issues, and support your connection with your own essence-tial self.

Compassionate Inquiry was developed by renowned addiction expert, speaker author Dr. Gabor Maté