Panimus Integration

Compassionate Inquiry

Compassionate Inquiry is an elegant somatic based system that supports understanding, growth and healing, providing insight through direct experience.

As a Certified CI Practitioner, I support others in their healing journey through life, providing a safe space to explore the triggers, traumas, and issues that get in the way of connection, expression, and living life in-joy, with presence and acceptance. I am sensitive, compassionate, and thoughtful, as I know the trauma territory firsthand from my own challenging journey.

I am privileged to be your guide on the sometimes challenging but rewarding journey of healing. I recognize your essence underneath the issues, and support your connection with your own essence-tial self.

Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelic integration is working with the insights, visions, sensations and feelings received during or after a psychedelic journey, and applying them to your day-to-day life for healing, growth, and positive changes.

I lead the Downtown Los Angeles Community Psychedelic Integration Circle as part of PsychedeLiA Integration.

Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Therapy  (PSIP)

Your body is a far more effective pathway for processing the charged experiences, memories and revelations that come with psychedelic therapy than your cognitive mind. Gaining insight, understanding where your symptoms are coming from, or telling your story again has very little effect on actually shifting the reactivity underlying symptoms. Even though your thoughts can trigger symptoms, anxiety is fundamentally a nervous system response that you feel in your body, in your gut. Fear, depression, numbing are very frequently responses created by your autonomic nervous system. They are, or were at one point, appropriate responses to stressful or traumatic events you experienced in life, particularly in childhood. Your nervous system is generating these symptoms, and given the proper conditions, your nervous system knows how to organically process and resolve these symptoms. The psychedelic medicine is a powerful catalyst allowing this to happen much more quickly and thoroughly.

Journey Work

I also work with people individually and/or with a female partner, for those that appreciate the benefit of working with both the feminine and masculine supporting their process.

Contact me at to schedule a PSI, CI and/or Integration session. PSIP Sessions are 2 hours and $295 while CI and Integration Sessions are 1 hour and $120.